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At the Children's Sleep Charity we are continuously looking for ways to support children to get a better night's sleep.  Youngsters respond positively to music and the Night and Day CD helps them to build up an association with the bedtime and morning routines.  Children often have no concept of time so playing the tracks at the same time each day helps them to be able to predict what is going to happen making them feel more secure.  The fact that the night time track is based on scientific research and are designed to help to relax or little ones is an added bonus.  Played in the background during the run up to bedtime the track can help to create a calm environment. Catherine's music is beautiful.

Pure Chakra” is melodic and moving.  The beautiful, soothing sound of Catherine’s voice has helped me to find some inner balance and offset the stresses of everyday life.


Jake has not been sleeping well... yes I know I say this all the time but this week has been horrendous. Screaming, crying, going red, coughing to make himself more worked up and having us up and down the stairs all evening. The other night he finally gave in at 10:15pm. We've tried every tip, method, tool and taken on board all the advice.
Tonight I left his room 45 minutes ago and I haven't seen or heard from him since! A lovely lady contacted me this week about her soothing music and offered me a free download to try and help with the issues. Belightful Music tonight is night one and you have saved my sanity!! I was told the music was for half an hour down time before bed but after the first tune finished Jake insisted that I left the music playing on another one because he loved it. If it relaxes him, switches his over active brain off and gives me back my evenings then I am a very happy Mumma!!
I will keep you updated!


I have been a big fan of Catherine’s since she played my wedding back in 1999, just before she graduated from Music College.  I have seen her mature as a person and musician and go from strength to strength.  I don’t know anything about healing music – “Pure Chakra” is the first I’ve heard – but I absolutely love it and could listen to it all day!

Pure Chakra” is an album of beautiful melodies and musical experience.  It has helped me to take time out from my busy life to concentrate on my wellbeing.

As a Reiki Practitioner myself, with quite a discerning palette for background music, I really appreciate the purity and musicality of Catherine’s recordings.  There are no synthesized sounds or sampled running water, waves and birdsong – it’s just good music.

I have been using Catherine’s healing music to complement the various therapies I practise.  All my clients comment on it and I certainly feel a change in the energies as soon as the music begins.