This is an album of relaxing Christmas music – with a difference!
Most of the entire modern world has used the standard concert pitch of A = 440 Hz but there are more healing benefits to be found at a tuning of A = 432Hz where tunings follow the fibonacci sequence which is found all around us in nature as well as within the human body!

Sit back and chill out or have the music playing as you go about your day. Allow the frequencies in the music to soothe your mind-body as you enjoy the familiar songs and festive theme! The album has 9 cover songs with track 10 being an original song written by Catherine Rannus utilising the layered up Belightful vocal sound, as well as solo voice, piano and a sprinkle of flute, saxophone and organ in the mix too!

  • 1. Lonely This Christmas
  • 2. Walking In The Air
  • 3. I Wish It Could Be Christmas
  • 4. Last Christmas
  • 5. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  • 6. Winter Wonderland
  • 7. Driving Home For Christmas
  • 8. Stay Another Day
  • 9. In The Bleak Midwinter
  • 10. Can't Wait For Christmas
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