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Belightful® Family Life

As a mum, it is not uncommon to confront a multitude of challenges over the course of the day; from the public humiliation of a toddler tantrum in the supermarket to the battle of squeezing a strong-willed baby into a car seat.  
Imagine then, if there was a magic button you could press, which could switch the mind-set from frustration and angst to compliance and cooperation.  When you need a little help to lighten the atmosphere, create some calm, or actually save your sanity, just press play on any Belightful® Album:
“Night & Day” is a tried and tested solution to conducting a routine in a calm and rational manner.  Recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity, this album indicates bedtime and waking-up time to babies and toddlers alike.  With a 30 minute track of Belightful® harmonies to play for the bedtime routine, this music is a clear signal of the tempo change in the day and that bedtime is approaching. The waking-up track is not only a glorious way to begin the day but can also be used to teach babies that it isn’t morning until the music plays.
“Pure Piano” is the perfect backdrop to diffuse situations which are threatening to boil over and become fractious.  Whether it’s in the home when the children’s play is becoming argumentative, or in the car when their behaviour is becoming a distraction, press play on “Pure Piano”, step back from the scene and focus on the Belightful® sound of the piano.
“Pure Chakra” might just help remove your mind from any trying situation or diva behaviour, creating sanctuary for your sleep deprived brain to re-boot and refresh.  Never mind the kids.  This is your haven.  Sense your posture change and elongate as you release the tension of a day (or an hour) filled with fetching, carrying and doing for your grateful  little cherub(s)!