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There are various elements within the music on Pure Chakra which will help the chakras to align a little more each time you listen. If you need to relax, it will aid relaxation but also if you need to concentrate it can promote focus and clarity.

Specific pitches affect specific chakras.  Pitch brings the chakras back to their normal vibration whether they are under or overactive.  The notes of a musical scale (C, D, E, etc.) are associated to the seven chakras (C being associated to the 1st chakra all the way to B relating to the 7th.)

"By finding the right combination of tones and their harmonies, we can trigger a dynamic resonance that corrects and eliminates great imbalances.

"Pitch is determined by the speed at which sound waves vibrate - the faster the sound waves, the higher the pitch.  Various pitch patterns can help us in shattering rigid energy patterns that limit our growth, awareness and health.

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Pure Chakra
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