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This is an album of relaxing Christmas music – with a difference!
Most of the entire modern world has used the standard concert pitch of A = 440 Hz but there are more healing benefits to be found at a tuning of A = 432Hz where tunings follow the fibonacci sequence which is found all around us in nature as well as within the human body!

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This is an album of relaxing piano music – with a difference!
Most of the entire modern world has used the standard concert pitch of A = 440 Hz since the International Standards Organization endorsed it in 1955, following recommendations of the Nazi party spokesman, Joseph Goebbels in 1939. 

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Night & Day is an album of 2 tracks lasting around half an hour each. The bedtime track is to be played in the background when bedtime routine begins to help bring a sense of calm to proceedings. The wake-up track can be used on a timer to play at your chosen time teaching the baby/toddler that it isn't morning until the music begins. Both tracks utilise frequencies known to enhance our energies whether we are relaxing or waking up.

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There are various elements within the music on Pure Chakra which will help the chakras to align a little more each time you listen. If you need to relax, it will aid relaxation but also if you need to concentrate it can promote focus and clarity.

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“Pure Bija” is an album for meditation.  Listen to Belightful’s® interpretation of the Bija Mantras as the mind-body settles and relaxes into the meditation.  The meditation lasts 30 minutes altogether consisting of 6 minutes of mantra, 16 minutes of silence followed by the mantras gently bringing you out of your meditation.

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