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Night & Day is an album of 2 tracks lasting around half an hour each. The bedtime track is to be played in the background when bedtime routine begins to help bring a sense of calm to proceedings. The wake-up track can be used on a timer to play at your chosen time teaching the baby/toddler that it isn't morning until the music begins. Both tracks utilise frequencies known to enhance our energies whether we are relaxing or waking up.

Without a good night’s sleep children cannot meet their full potential.  Sleep deprivation impacts on mood, learning, behaviour and health, as well as parents!  Our CDs are unique and help even the youngest children develop an awareness of time.   Use the CDs each day to help to structure your bedtime/waking up routine.
For more information about sleep issues visit www.thechildrenssleepcharity.org.uk 

Instructions for use

Night Time Track


  • Do not listen to while operating machinery or driving
  • If your child has epilepsy please consult a Doctor before using this CD
  • Turn off all televisions, computers, phones in the hour prior to bedtime
  • Plan calming activities such as colouring in, jigsaws or threading in the hour before bedtime
  • If your child enjoys a bath then put them in the bath 30 minutes before bedtime
  • Start to play the CD 30 minutes prior to bedtime
  • Dim the lights
  • Give cuddles and kisses telling your child “It’s night time, go to sleep”
  • Turn the CD off, do NOT leave the CD on while your child falls asleep


Morning Track


  • Decide what time is an appropriate getting up time
  • Play the music at getting up time each day
  • Put a light on a timer switch and teach your child if the light is off then it is still night time, if the light is on they can get up
  • Open the curtains and make sure your child is exposed to light
  • Praise your child for staying in bed, sleeping well or helping you to open the curtains.  Make sure that it is a positive start to the day!

Night & Day CD £12.99

Night & Day Download £7.99

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