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About Me

Catherine has been interested in the power of the mind since her late teens.  Initially, reading books about how to be successful in business and positive thinking led to books about self-awareness and maintaining a healthy mind-body.  After reading an article on “Reiki”, she saw similarities in the principles and enrolled on a reiki course for self-development.  Qualifying as Reiki Master in 2001, she went on to broaden her mind further with a diploma in crystal therapy, all the while forging a successful music career as a performer, composer, recording artist and teacher.

Catherine is now integrating her two passions by recording music for healing and wellbeing.  Strongly believing that music is food for the soul and can help balance the chakras, one should be able to keep the body in prime condition and prevent energy blockages affecting the physical body.  As the energy centres come into balance so does the physical, mental and emotional mind-body.